Adopt a coin

By adopting a coin or medal you are supporting the documentation of our holdings and their publication in our Online Catalogue. You may select any number of objects for 25 euros each from those online, see under ‘Holdings’/ ‘Vault’. You may also adopt coins, which have not yet been documented online. In this case, please do contact us to discuss your area of interest.

For Austrian residents, your donation is tax-deductible. According to the new regulations for tax deductibility of donations (from 01.01.2017) not the donor, but the benefitting institution are required to transmit all data (name, address, date of birth) to the ministry of finance in encrypted form.

If you would like, your name will be added to the object entry in the Online Catalogue.


Your donation is used exclusively for the ongoing documentation of our holdings. Each individual donation covers the costs of scientific documentation and photography of one object. The coin adopted will be processed into our Online Catalogue by student numismatists supervised by the Münzkabinett staff.

So by adopting a coin or medal, you help us to provide more information on an ever growing number of objects from our holdings through the Münzkabinett’s Online Catalogue. In addition, you would also be encouraging future generations of numismatists currently in training by providing an opportunity to deepen their studies of particular objects in our collection and to earn a little money as well.

Don't hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to advise:

Coin Cabinet

Burgring 5
1010 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 525 24- 4203

List of donors

  • Mary Lannin
  • Dr. phil. Norbert Helmwein und Dipl. Ing. Ingrid Helmwein
  • Richard Schaefer
  • Marie-Alix Roesle
  • Grzegorz Kryszczuk
  • Schoeller Münzhandel
  • Dr. Hubert und Doris Ruß
  • Milos Vanouch
  • Sebastian Wendel
  • Florian Haymann
  • Wolfgang Hahn
  • Efrem Pegan
  • Alberto Campagna
  • Janos Feidler
  • Jay Dharmadhikari
  • Daniel Cornel
  • Michael Beckers
  • Kathrin Siegl
  • Alexander Ruske
  • Sylviane Estiot
  • Robert Keck
  • Wolfram Hoyer (†)
  • Joakim Pedersen Berg
  • Peter Franz Mittag
  • Simon Schumich
  • Pierre A. Wollner
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ernst Ebermann
  • Lars Ramskold
  • Johannes Wienand
  • Erich Zauner
  • Dr. Gilbert Hangel
  • Dr. Helga Benko
  • Larissa Halmer
  • Heinz und Dagmar Karin Balzer
  • Herbert Wolak (†)
  • Johann Kodnar und Norbert Künstner
  • Pierluigi Debernardi
  • Lech Stepniewski
  • Gerald Artner
  • Dr. Stefan und Mag. Andreas Brocza
  • Thomas Lang
  • Paul Kaltenbrunner
  • Graham Barker
  • Trierer Münzfreunde e.V.
  • Mayr Munoz Carrillo
  • Elisabeth Jung
  • Klaus Vondrovec
  • Robert Nowak
  • Stefano Bruni
  • Mauro Leoni
  • Andrea Mayr
  • Florian Rafetseder
  • Eckhard Wirbelauer
  • Sophia Hanelt
  • Ingrid Vavra
  • Kay Ehling
  • Hanna-Lisa von Lenthe
  • Marion Resch
  • Volker und Dr. Anna Ertl
  • Ivan Blazevic für Lana Bobić
  • Venceslava Orlinksi-Raidl
  • Andreas Kronawetter
  • Aneurin Ellis-Evans
  • Gustav Richter
  • Katrin Riedl
  • Michael Branhuber
  • Erwin Schäffer
  • Ilona Price
  • Alexander Steindorfer
  • Ursula Doubek
  • Maria Popp
  • Kseniya Kizilova
  • Franz Kopf
  • Matthias Vavra
  • Johannes Ketzer
  • Leo Franjo Pavkovic
  • Inge Holecek
  • Matthias Friedrich
  • Johannes Dengg
  • Chip Gruszczinski
  • Gernot Maier
  • Gustav Mayer
  • Gerhard Starsich, Münze Österreich
  • Manfred Matzinger-Leopold, Münze Österreich
  • Christine Stadlmann
  • Teresa Dabek
  • Yana Izotova
  • Cordula Kassner
  • Thomas Schaufler
  • Klaus Baumann
  • Fabian Andre
  • Myriam Pheline
  • Dr. Marnik Wastyn
  • Dr. Hans-Jürgen Ulonska
  • Shanna Schmidt
  • Christoph Hunger
  • Jens Georg Feierabend
  • Jin Yuan Zhao
  • ClaReNet
  • Raphael Papanikolaou
  • Myriam Merola
  • Titan Immo Entwicklung
  • Xaxer Sternad