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Welcome to the Online Catalogue of the Vienna Münzkabinett

The Münzkabinett of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien owns over half a million objects which make it one of the largest collections of its kind, and it can be traced back until the 16th century. It holds coins, medals and banknotes, but also coin dies, bonds and primitive money. Not only does the collection house unique rarities and priceless treasures, its abundance and completeness make it an essential tool for fundamental research in Numismatics and History

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien features a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of money and medals in one gallery each. In addition temporary exhibitions on varying topics are shown in a third gallery.

The online catalogue enables users to “visit” our collection in privacy, study the fine details of our objects and compare them to other works of art. Vaults and padded trays need no longer be opened, gloves and magnifying glasses are no more required and detailed descriptions substitute an extensive library. The ongoing digitization ensures a continuous enlargement and improvement of this catalogue.

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